WildMetro works to protect nature where we live.

Metropolitan regions are often overlooked as a source of vital, wild space. A surprising number of wild creatures and the ecosystems they are part of persist and even thrive in metropolitan regions.

Metropolitan regions, however, face unique problems to protecting nature. Much of the land in urban areas is subject to abuse and development. Yet we instinctively know that green spaces are important to preserve neighborhoods and to retain a vibrant regional economy. Natural areas provide beauty and tranquility.

WildMetro, a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by naturalist David Burg, aims to protect wildlife in natural areas within and around New York City. It helps to define appropriate goals for metropolitan nature protection and to use a variety of straightforward methods, such as cleaning local parks, to achieve those goals. WildMetro advocates a sensible balance of development and nature protection in urban regions and promotes intelligent management of resources. It also works to involve communities in the protection of nature by offering various programs such as an after-school nature program and an ecological field techniques course.

To this aim, WildMetro has launched programs to research, manage, and protect wildlife and natural areas and to educate metropolitan residents about the wild world.

Tree swallow in Jamacia Bay