WildMetro advocates...

.... saving wild areas in metropolitan regions. WildMetro realizes that all of us neead to work to maintain quality open space that vitalizes neighborboods and that is important to the health and future of all residents. To this aim, WildMetro is involved efforts to save rare habitats and to maintain a balance between development and protection of natural areas.

1. Efforts to prevent development of Charleston Woods, Tottenville, Staten Island (otherwise known as Kriescher Hill).
2. Formed Coalition to Save Staten Island (ongoing since 2004). This effort for balanced land use was featured in a lengthy article in the New York Times, February 2005.
3. Helped found Nature Network, an effort connecting universities, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and other non-profit organizations working to protect nature in the New York metropolitan area (ongoing since 2003).

Furthermore, WildMetro supports...

.... several community efforts to save wild spaces. These efforts are important and need to be highlighted:

1. Efforts to prevent development in Kissena Park, Queens.
2. Efforts to fully understand the imapct of NASCAR development on the western shore of Staten Island. Get involved: The local chapter of the Sierrra Club, under Suzanne Mattei, are suggesting that citizens write letters about the planned development. There are also meetings to attend, as noted on the website for the Protectors of Pine Oak Woods.


Red-sholdered hawk (Everglades)