Past Courses:

Ecological Fiel Techniqueds Course

Location: Marshlands Conservancy Park, Rye, NY
Date: Memorial Day Weekend (May 26th – 29th), 2006

A hands-on approach to learning ecological field techniques near New York City

• Potential course material includes: study and practice bird-banding, small mammal trapping, track plating, vegetation sampling, and insect survey methods.
• Learn from professional scientists about careers in research, conservation, and environmental science.
• Open to everyone interested in the natural sciences.

The WildMetro Ecological Field Techniques course is designed to introduce interested students to field biology/ecology techniques. Over three intensive days, students will learn standard sampling methods used in ecological and biological field research.

This course will help students develop different skills, from taking effective field notes that can later be analyzed, to identifying and applying different techniques for sampling plants and animals. Students will gain hands-on experience with these techniques, learn when each is appropriate, and learn how to design studies that test specific hypotheses. The course therefore covers the full spectrum of conducting scientific studies, including choosing a study design, collecting the data, and conducting basic data analyses. This experience will give students in-depth, direct exposure to nature, experience applying the scientific method to solving problems, access to scientists, and expose them to career and research opportunities in field research and urban ecology.

This course is open to everyone interested in an intensive immersion in the natural sciences. There will be a fee to attend this course; please check this page in the coming weeks for more information including fee amount, application, and other details.

Contact WildMetro by email: or phone 212-308-WILD