General job information:

There are no job vacancies with WildMetro at this time. For additional information, please contact WildMetro directly at

(212) 308–9453

To apply for a position, please send a resume or CV, letter of interest, and names and contact information (including phone number) for three references to:

WildMetro, P.O. Box 4220,
Grand Central Station,
New York NY 10163


Earthwatch Opportunities

Earthwatch Staff Positions

In collaboration with the University of Maine, and funded by the Earthwatch Institute, WildMetro is conducting one of the first studies aiming to understand the impacts of urbanization across multiple groups of organisms (e.g. birds, mammals, etc.), and to carry out this research by working with volunteers, local citizens, scientists and park managers in the New York metropolitan area.

We are currently hiring staff to fill our 2010 field positions, including a Field Team Leader who will assist Dr. Burns and the Field Research Coordinator throughout each expedition, and two student interns (preference is given to University of Maine students though others will be considered).  Please email Dr. Burns if you would like to find out more about either of these positions: or .

Read more about the project on the Earthwatch website:




White-footed mouse with intern