WildMetro releases report on small mammal density and diversity

WildMetro recently submitted our Small Mammal Research Report to agencies that had supported our research efforts (the National Park Service, Friends of Marshlands in Rye, NY, Black Rock Forest in Cornwall, NY, and NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation). This report combines data from 2004 and 2005 to provide a preliminary picture of small mammal communities in the New York Metropolitan region.

WildMetro plans to continue small mammal surveys, with the ultimate goal of determining the dynamics of small mammal communities in native and artificial habitats subject to varying levels of urbanization in the New York City area. We also plan to use this information to inform and improve local environmental management and advocacy efforts, and to integrate these results into our after-school and general education programs.

A more detailed abstract and the full report are available.

Grey squirrel in New York City