Overview: cheap science in the big city

WildMetro is dedicated to the protection of wildlife and the environment in metropolitan areas. Understanding urbanization and fragmented wild lands within urbanized areas, is vital to the protection and effective management of such places. These fragmented lands support huge numbers of native and often rare species. To that end WildMetro seeks to protect native species where they exist through research. Without a solid understanding of these ecosystems effective management and protection is impossible.

WildMetro believes that careful scientific study of the animals and plants in any metropolitain region is essential to careful maintenance and advocacy. To this aim, WildMetro has completed numerous reserch studies in and around New York City. With the help of many consultants and determined interns and volunteers, we have completed several research projects:

  • Breeding Birds Survey and Territory Mapping in Pelham Bay (2003 & 2004). Richard Aracil, SUNY Syracuse ESF
  • Insect Diversity in Pelham Bay Park (2003, 2004). James Hayden, Columbia University
  • Ants (2004)
  • Small Mammals - Regional Research Database (2004-present). Joshua Winterfield
  • NYC Metropolitan region small mammal population survey (2004-present). Chanda Bennett, Catherine Burns, Stefan Ekernas, Katherine Mertes
  • Oak Savannah Restoration, Pelham Bay, Bronx (2004-present)
  • NYC Metropolitan Region Reptile and Amphibian Database (2004-present). Asma Madad and Gabriella de Luna
  • Ferns of the Five Boroughs: Historical and Present Status (2005-present) Emily Kaplan and Michael Sondue
  • Vegetation Study and Analysis of grassland, savannah, and woodland in Pelham Bay Park (2004-present): Angela Steward, Ph. D student, CUNY; Consultant: Andrew Greller, Professor Emeritus, Queens College, CUNY
  • Long term ecosystem monitoring of Natural Areas in greater NYC region conducted in cooperation with Natural Resources Group, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation (2004)

2004 CUNY Course Trip