Thank you

WildMetro exists due to the generous assistance of many people and organizations over the last few years.

First, we thank Douglas Durst, Helena Durst and the Durst Organization for their vital ongoing support.

Second, we thank institutions that have financially supported our programs: the 92nd Street Y, Friends of Marshlands, Gateway National Recreation Area of the National Park Service, and the Natural Resources Group of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. We are also greatful to those who have given others forms of support, lent us equipment, or given accomodation to our research crews: Black Rock Forest, Hudsonia, Hofstra University, Columbia University, Staten Island Institute of Art and Sciences

Finally, many interns and volunteers have helped WildMetro: Cal Vornberger reconfigured our first donated computers, built our first website, and has let us use his spectacular photos. Other major assistance was given by Tal Zamir, Bianca Colasuonno, Charles Lang, Josh Winterfield, Caroline Okoyo, Steffen Foerster, Noah Burg, Fretta Reitzes, Richard Aracil, Roman Koulikov, Eva Kneip, Jen Bourke, Christine Brogan, Karen Ast, Kate Brassert, Patricia Freeman, Dr. Russell Burke, Murray Lantner, Bill Moye, Carmela Federico, Chris Jenkins, Lisa Schonberg, Hakim Abdi, Asma Madad, Beth Goldoff, Heather Jezorak, Josh Baylor, Miguel Prieta-Ville, Laura Krinock, Sallie Scribner, Elizabeth Garcia, Audrey Meltzer, Andres Link, David Schwartz, Exley Steward

Please note that this list is not complete -- if we have left out a major donation of time and help, please let us know.

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