WildMetro is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help in the field or office with our research, education, and advocacy programs.

EarthWatch Volunteers

In collaboration with the University of Maine, and funded by the Earthwatch Institute, WildMetro is conducting one of the first studies aiming to understand the impacts of urbanization across multiple groups of organisms (e.g. birds, mammals, etc.), and to carry out this research by working with volunteers, local citizens, scientists and park managers in the New York metropolitan area.

Read more about the project and sign up online at the Earthwatch website:  http://www.earthwatch.org/expeditions/burns.html

2010 Earthwatch project dates:

  • Amphibians: May 15-23, 2010
  • Birds: June 19-27, 2010
  • Mammals I: July 3-11, 2010
  • Mammals II: July 24-Aug 1, 2010*
  • Plants: August 7-15, 2010


*Please note, the second 2010 mammal team is a “Teen Team”, for 16-17 year olds only.  See http://www.earthwatch.org/expeditions/burns_teen.html for details.  All other teams are open to volunteers 18 years of age or older.


White-footed mouse with intern